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How can we end poverty in America?

How can I act on poverty? Over the years, millions have been lifted out of poverty and now have a higher standard of living than ever before. Yet, 15% or more of our citizens remain in poverty, and are in need of our help to achieve the success they deserve. Research has shown that poverty is not a problem that can be solved by some government program set on auto-pilot. It is a problem that is faced by individuals and families, and must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and with tender loving care that only comes from human to human contact. So we want to ask you to act. The only way to solve the problem that continues to plague our nation is by acting in a small way one day at a time, while also supporting those who choose to spend their lives helping others.

Act on Poverty seeks to elevate the discussion surrounding poverty in America in an effort to promote meaningful solutions through new ideas, resources and personal involvement. Help us spread the word by sharing your favorite organizations, groups, and stories.

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Get active in the fight to end poverty in America today.